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Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Mississippi

Green Wellness Medical Cannabis Dispensary

We provide all types of cannabis products to suit your individual needs.

At our dedicated medical dispensary

Green Wellness, we specialize in offering high-quality medicinal cannabis products tailored to support your health and well-being


Green Wellness was founded on the principle of enhancing daily well-being through outstanding, effective products coupled with unparalleled customer service. Our aim is to be a cornerstone in your journey towards health and harmony.

Committed to Quality

We cater to a diverse range of needs with our comprehensive selection of cannabis products, each rigorously tested by certified professionals to ensure top-tier quality. At Green Wellness, excellence is not just a standard; it’s our commitment.


Our team, knowledgeable and passionate about cannabis, is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled experience. With Green Wellness, discover a new benchmark in cannabis encounters that will keep you returning for the quality and care you deserve.


Sign up for the Green Wellness loyalty program today and begin collecting cashback and exclusive rewards – your entrance to an extraordinary world of medicinal cannabis.


Join us on the Green Wellness journey, exploring the story behind our rise to become one of the most esteemed medical cannabis dispensaries.


Dive into the genuine feedback from our customers and discover what sets Green Wellness apart: our blend of unparalleled service and top-quality cannabis products.

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Check out our best cannabis products,selected to ensure your total satisfaction.


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we express our appreciation for your affinity towards cannabis through a rewarding experience. Explore our selection of premium products, accumulate points for exclusive discounts, and enjoy additional perks. Join us today to enhance your cannabis journey with distinction.


Experience the benefits of your loyalty to Green Wellness accumulate points with every purchase, unlock valuable discounts, and access special offers.


Get more out of your Green Wellness experience by visiting our website, following us on social media, or participating in our in-store loyalty program.


As a part of the Green Wellness family, enjoy VIP access to captivating cannabis events, meet like-minded individuals, and enhance your experience with us.

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At Green Wellness, we are dedicated to addressing your medical cannabis requirements. For further details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Feel free to message us to secure your next patient pick-up, and our diligent team will ensure it’s ready for your convenience.


2314 Iowa Blvd Suite 100, Vicksburg, MS 39180, United States

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